EmergHub Use Case | Cruise Ship Outbreak

Cruise Ship Outbreak

The Challenge

COVID-19 revealed a crucial need for cruise ships to be able to react quickly to a contagious disease outbreak. A digital solution that combines emergency management and contact tracing to streamline the outbreak response can minimize the risk to passengers and staff alike.

SimplyCast offers the Cruise Ship Outbreak use case, a complete solution for helping cruise ships trace guests’ contact with each other and ensure emergency procedures can be launched in an instant.​

We Can Help

By making use of digital technology, guests can be tracked as they move throughout a ship and the outbreak response can be managed through a central dashboard.

  1. Simplify the outbreak response process.
  2. Make use of technology guests will already have.
  3. Make it easy to log where guests visit during the cruise.

Here's How

Mobile Tracking

When passengers check in at various services and locations on the cruise, or at partnered locations on land, they can scan a QR code and submit a short form to indicate that they’ve passed through the location.

Time-based Reports

When passengers check in at a given location, their visit is logged, denoting that they were present at the location. This data is recorded in a way that is linked to both the passenger and the location.​

Pre-defined Plans

Plans can be prepared ahead of an outbreak in a way that includes all required steps as part of the process. These plans can include all tasks that are required as part of the outbreak response in a way that allows for the easy launching of alerts and other communications.​

Alert Passengers

When a disease outbreak has been identified, those who had overlapping presence with a disease vector can be alerted so they can follow self-isolation guidelines or other instructions as required.​