EmergHub Use Case | Provide a Quick Utility Outage Notification

Quick Utility Outage Notification

The Challenge

Efficiently keep customers up to date during power outages and scheduled maintenance periods. Address lack of timely outage information and high phone wait times. Increase customer satisfaction with relevant outage notification updates as the situation progresses.

We Can Help

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. Provide immediate outage notifications
  3. Make the notification process more efficient

Here's How

Set up Messages

Create an SMS process and an email process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can set up several basic outage messages and service notifications that may easily be updated as necessary. Creating the general message content and process ahead of time means that you can activate your communication in seconds when you need to. Set up a simple web form on your site which enables customers to sign up to receive an outage notification whenever there is a loss of power.

Capture customer information

A customer signs up and selects how they prefer to be contacted, either by SMS or email. The customer is then placed into the appropriate list in the CRM, either the SMS list or the email list. The customer may also input their location, so they will receive the relevant outage and maintenance information for that area. Once each customer's contact information is stored, marketing automation organizes them and sends them the relevant outage notification.

Seamlessly organize customers

Once the customer signs up to receive notifications and is placed into the appropriate list, they are all set to receive automated messages. The signup information, including preferred method of communication and location, is stored and can be updated at any time.

Keep customers updated

When you are planning a scheduled disruption in power service for reasons of maintenance, let customers know in advance. Send out SMS and email messages to customers in the affected area. You can segment out the customers in any specific location based on the information that is stored in their personal profiles.

Spread information quickly

As soon as an outage occurs, a staff member activates the outage notification communication flow. SMS and email messages are sent out to customers in the affected areas. As the outage progresses, update messages with estimated time of power restoration. These messages keep customers up to date and satisfied while your technicians work to restore power.