EmergHub Use Case | Tenant Emergency Alerts

Tenant Emergency Alerts

The Challenge

SimplyCast presents the idea of a Tenant Emergency Alert use case, a process which can ensure tenants are notified of an emergency, and that you can handle the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


Property managers will be able to click a single button to notify all current tenants, and to collect information for emergency services.

We Can Help

By using alerting tools and form software, you can make emergency notifications easier and more effective, ensuring tenants are notified on multiple channels of communication while management has to click a single button. 

  1. Ensure alerts are seen
  2. Save time in sending out alerts
  3. Create pre-defined emergency communication plans

Here's How

Tenant Registration

As part of intake, submit tenant information to an emergency tenant alert database, allowing building managers to ensure that messages remain personal and that the alerts go to the right contacts.

Notification Template

Messages can be templated, as making sure they’re already prepared and ready-to-go minimizes the delay before tenants are alerted.

Send Notifications

Tenants can be notified with a click of a button, ensuring that critical efforts to resolve a situation can be focused elsewhere.

Tenant Responses and Reports

Responses are delivered in real time, allowing for easy adaptation to any scenario. Automatically generated reports also ensure post-emergency reviews are easy to conduct.