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The world's 1st all-in-one emergency communications platform from EmergHub.

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About Us

The world's 1st all-in-one emergency communications platform from EmergHub with a common operating picture to enhance incident management and response. It includes comprehensive yet simple emergency communication tools. Users can create sophisticated emergency response plans with integrated communications without having any coding knowledge.

Our Mission

EmergHub wants to provide every business, organization, and government with the ability to manage emergencies through efficient and effective communication. EmergHub's advanced solution enables governments and other organizations to increase response time, improve operation efficiency, and save lives.

Our Vision

EmergHub's main vision has always been to build the most comprehensive emergency communication solution on the market. EmergHub wants to provide businesses and governments with powerful emergency management capabilities to help enhance how they inform stakeholders, manage resources, and respond to emergencies.

Our Team

Launch of EmergHub Platform

Team at launch of EmergHub platform