EmergHub Management


Manage emergencies directly within a central dashboard, mapping out resources and information as you go.

EmergHub Management intro section

CommandHub Dashboard

A centralized emergency command dashboard ensures that emergency managers can see every detail.

Blueprint and Maps

By combining fully customizable entities with mapping technology, track all resources across regions and dynamically analyze emergencies.

Management Software Solutions section

Software Solutions

Command Dashboard
  • Create a dashboard containing all the tools required to manage an emergency.
  • Launch communications instantly to respond to emergencies.
  • Customize dashboard layout on the fly to adapt as an emergency develops.
  • Receive live updates from many sources all in one place.
  • Utilize customizable widgets to pull data from any source.
Asset Mapping
  • Create and define assets with all required specifications and information.
  • Utilize asset location data to map assets and visually track their status.
  • Use mapped data to contact everyone or specific groups within a region.
  • Import existing region data to support emergency management.
  • Integrate mapping data with existing databases to meet your needs.