EmergHub Solution


The EmergHub platform makes use of a combination of emergency response tools to create a unified, centralize system for managing resources, staff, and communications during emergencies.

EmergHub Solution features section

Staff Management, Scheduling, and Organization
Emergency Planning and Response Management
Mutli-Channel Emergency Communication

EmergHub Solution details section

Emergency Communication Automation

Send out alerts and surveys to stakeholders, affected individuals, or other critical personnel whenever an emergency occurs. By making use of multi-channel communications including SMS text messages, emails, and phone calls you can ensure that as many people are informed or providing key responses as possible.

Emergency Worker Management

Emergency response staff can be scheduled dynamically so that on call staff are contacted first during emergencies. This functionality combines with the ability to recall staff in the face of an emergency, sending requests for support until enough responders are found. Additionally, emergency meetings can be held on the fly and on the go by making use of instant teleconference technology, calling key stakeholders directly and having them join the teleconference in an instant.

Emergency Event Planning

Imagine being able to launch communications instantly when an emergency event occurs. By creating emergency event plans on an automated platform, these emergency-response plans can have their communications ready to go the moment an emergency situation has been identified. These Events are combined with customizable widgets to display critical information on the fly during each emergency.